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Nioxin Rejuvenating Elixir


Nioxin 3D Styling is designed to address the 3D signs of thinning hair.
1. Derma
2. Density
3. Diameter

LightPlex Technology
For light, flexible effects:
This professional technology works both inside and outside the hair. Conditioning agents travel into the hairs cortex, retaining hair moisture for longer and protecting hair from environmental damage, while lightweight, flexible polymers wrap around the hair for a balanced style without any stiffness.

It is recommended for all hair types, looking for a small amount of texture and conditioning.

It is a leave-in elixir to help rejuvenate hair texture, leaving it soft, manageable and with natural movement.

How to use:
Apply desired amount and distribute evenly through towel dried hair. This is a leave in product so do not rinse. Then style as desired.