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GHD Style gift SET mini brush/spray


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limited edition GHD UPBEAT Style Set! Keep your hair looking salon fresh this season with the ghd style gift set.

Tame on-the-go hair with the ghd mini paddle brush, a handbag-sized essential for effortlessly smoothing your locks where ever you are. Perfect for restoring a style, or adding the finishing touches, don't forget this life-saving brush. To keep your hair looking healthy and radiant all weekend long, protect your locks with ghd heat protect UV spray. Heat protection is vital in styling preparation to maintain the health of your hair, and with UV protection you can spend all day in the sunshine without fear of sun damage. All wrapped together in a seasonally stylish mint accessories bag, this is your ultimate styling kit. For an 'I woke up like this' look, discover the ghd style gift set.

Pack includes:

  • ghd Heat Protect Spray with UV Protection
  • ghd Mini Paddle Brush
  • ghd Neo-Mint Carry Bag